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Phil Wasserman

For Phillip Wasserman and his family, Snowflakes Dog Rescue is a testament to their commitment and passion for man’s best friend.

The journey for the Wassermans all began with their Golden Retriever, Snowflake. The only thing more beautiful than the dog’s snow white fur as a puppy was his bond with the family. For Phil, he and Snowflake shared an extra special bond that included having the dog join him on several commercials and infomercials in Florida. Unfortunately, Snowflake’s life would be cut short due to a common ailment in his breed, bone cancer.

The loss of Snowflake deeply affected the family. After many discussions about the family’s willingness to welcome a new dog into their home, Phil took the initiative and adopted an English Bulldog, Alstott (named after family friend Mike Alstott and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers). A few months later saw an English Bulldog added to the family.

One day, the English Bulldog needed an emergency trip to the veterinarian after a bug’s sting caused a bad reaction in the puppy. A 14-hour visit ensued, and along the way, the Wasserman’s met two other Bulldog owners with emergencies. Thankfully, all the dogs survived and Phillip struck up a bond one with of the owners. Unfortunately, that owner mentioned that he could no longer to raise his two German Shepherds, so Phillip welcome a third canine to the house–Buc, named after the family’s favorite football team.

Phillip Wasserman and his family helped Buc get healthy and in-shape enough to have him live with their son at his home near the University of Miami. Shortly after arriving, Buc went missing. Phillip and his son hit the streets, posting signs and calling for Buc throughout the day and night.

Eventually, the Wassermans found themselves at the Miami-Dade Animal Shelter where thousands of dogs, purebreed and mixes, were brought. Often, these dogs would go unrescued or unadopted. That resulted in the dogs being euthanized at a disturbingly high rate. Thankfully, Buc would be found in the city, and eventually returned to Sarasota to stay with Phil. But the experience at the animal shelter impacted the entire family.

Phillip Wasserman Snowflakes Dog Rescue

In 2013, Snowflake’s Dog Rescue began. The group endeavored to rescue, rehabilitate and eventually adopt the dogs from Miami-Dade into their new FURever homes. In the first year, 70 dogs were adopted largely through the group’s Facebook page. Many of the dogs adopted are older dogs that often go overlooked as people want to adopt younger dogs. Since then, the group has grown to over 10,000 members and dogs are adopted as often as possible. Phil and the Wassermans continue to help Florida’s homeless dogs find families that want them just as much as they want to have a home.

When he’s not helping Florida’s canine population, Phil is a financial and retirement planning consultant that has helped thousands of retirees plan for their future. Phillip Wasserman knows how to achieve financial security for retirees and continues to be a leader in the industry. For more insight from Phil Wasserman, be sure to read his books Outlasting The Storm, A Guide to Annuities and Safe Retirement Planning (Author) and Two Sides to the Coin–A History of Gold (Publisher).