Phil Wasserman

Adopt a Pet, Adopt a Healthier Life

I took this photo of Scrappy (formerly A1301327) at the BARC animal shelter in Houston, TX. He was on the length of stay list, a list of dogs that have been at the shelter the longest and are most at risk for euthanization if they are not adopted out soon. Shortly after I took this photo Scrappy was picked up by and sent to an animal rescue in New Jersey where he will be cared for and given as much time as he needs to find a home. Godspeed Scrappy!

Adopting a pet is not only good for the life of an animal in need, it’s also good for your health!

Just think, in 2014 enough shelter animals were killed to equal the amount of people living in the state of Oregon–3.8 million! 70% of dogs in these shelters never find a home and are euthanized instead.

Even if that doesn’t tug on your heart strings, the effect adoption has on your heart will still be felt. That’s because owning a pet has proven effects in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. It helps your family develop and improves the family mood. If you’d like to learn more about adopting a dog, be sure to contact Snowflake’s Dog Rescue at (727) 215-3489.


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