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DJ – The Wonder Dog

Phil Wasserman - DJPicture this: a beautiful, wild, 11-month old black lab mix scheduled to be killed because there wasn’t enough room in a shelter. This is the story of DJ, who we rescued from Miami Dade Animal Services.

We’ve had DJ at Snowflake’s Dog Rescue for about two years, he’s been difficult to adopt due to a condition called kennel fever where he acts aggressive towards other dogs. There was one kind family who tried to foster DJ, but handed him back to us after a week. So, I decided I would give it a try.

I started by bringing DJ to my office, which probably wasn’t the best idea. He was wild and out-of-control, many of my coworkers grew bitter towards him. I suddenly noticed DJ becoming very attached to me – he would listen and learned to calm down when I was around. I knew I didn’t have the time to train him myself as I began working more and more out of town. But when DJ was finally boarded, I suggested for him to be trained – I could see that there was something inside of him that was obedient, gentle, and kind-hearted.

The results were amazing. I recently brought DJ back to my office and several guests all described him as docile. DJ’s trainer had introduced him to thirteen other dogs in their training facilities and he no longer shows any signs of aggression to other animals. DJ learned to love because he was loved. Being killed at such a young age was no longer his destiny. He was saved.

Phil Wasserman - dog adoption

If I didn’t have several dogs at home, I would absolutely keep DJ. He is a resilient dog who has learned to love and be loved – he is one of my favorites. Unfortunately in the world we live in there are many dogs like DJ whose deaths have already been decided. Most of these dogs just need a proper trainer, but unfortunately we can’t save them all – believe me, I would if I could.

Miami Dade Animal Services kills thousands of beautiful dogs and cats each year because they don’t have the space. Do you think that’s fair? If there were more families willing to adopt, this problem would not be as prevalent as it is today. Adopt, don’t shop.

** DJ is available for adoption, but to be honest I will have a very hard time giving him up. Whoever gets him will be one lucky person with a great, loyal dog.**

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