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Neglected Pup on His Way to Recovery but He Needs Our Help!!!

I recently came across an article on The Dodo that really hit me hard. The story of Chase and his two siblings is hard to read–and especially see–but it hopefully has a heart warming ending.

After being turned in by his former owner, the Washington D.C. Dogs And Cats Veterinary Referral & ER (DCVR) feared that Chase wouldn’t be able to overcome the severe neglect and mange the poor guy had received. After being turned in, Chase and his siblings’ mistreatment was so bad that the owner was charged with three counts of animal cruelty.

But miraculously, the three dogs’ fortunes are changing. The two siblings now have forever homes and Chase is on his way to finding one himself. The worst of the three when they were turned in, Chase still needs more thorough attention and recovery before he can find his new forever family. Thanks to the help of a trained foster home and a blood transfusion donated by regular donator and life-saving canine Camden, Chase has a chance at living the life a dog truly deserves.

Chase isn’t out of the woods just yet, however. He still needs help and the Washington Humane Society is asking for you to help by donating whatever you can to Chase’s cause.

Be sure to visit The Dodo to learn more about Chase and other animal stories from around the world.

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