Phil Wasserman

Why You Should NOT Support Jimmy Johns

Phillip Wasserman Jimmy Johns

Jimmy John Liautaud, CEO of Jimmy Johns, is not to be trusted. Photos have been leaked on the internet of Liautaud posing with dead elephants, a rhinoceros, and a leopard – beloved animals who are facing threats of endangerment and even extinction. Liautaud hunts these animals for pleasure – do you really want to be giving his company’s money so he can support this disgusting habit? 

So, despite the ads you may have seen on Instagram or Twitter this past week luring you to your nearest Jimmy Johns for a bargain on your sandwich, think about the animals lives that were taken by the company’s CEO – do you really want to support that?

I encourage you all to play no part in supporting Jimmy Johns today, tomorrow, and forever. A sandwich is not worth it. Let’s take a stance against animal abuse and show the world that all lives matter!

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